Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the News Rush mission?
A:To bring people together to have intelligent, rewarding interactions that revolve around shared interests. We believe that people can be polite and respectful while having complete conversations surrounding any issue.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Create and customize Interests to receive exactly the news you want, then use points to Rush articles to other readers. Earn points by sharing only the best content, and become the expert in your topic.

Q: Why create a profile with multiple Interests?
A: Because you have multiple interests! You are a more complex entity than other social media environments allow you to express. By representing yourself authentically online through News Rush, you can allow other Rushers to connect with you based on shared interests. In this way, we can find unexpected common ground through which to connect.

Q: Can I share content from my own blog?
A: Yes! Simply add the RSS feed for your blog to an Interest profile and start sharing!

Sharing News

Q: How is sharing within News Rush different from other social networks?
A: You share news from an Interest of yours to another Rusher’s Interest.

Q: Why does News Rush charge points to share news?
A: We are asking you to invest in putting something in front of someone else. If the receiving Rusher reads the shared news within 24 hours because of your share, you’ll get the sharing points back. You can earn bonus points if you share to multiple followers!

Q: What if I am not sure which Interest to Rush news from?
A: Consider making a new Interest that represents something you truly care about. If you are not committed enough to make another Interest, maybe the news you are considering sharing isn’t something you can share with authenticity or authority. If what you want to share just NEEDS TO BE SENT, then send from your “Breaking News” Interest (if no other Interest would be appropriate). Tip: Everyone’s busy. Please only share the best stuff.

Q: What if I am not sure which Interest to Rush news to?
A: If the Rusher has not already created an Interest that’s relevant to your news, then consider sending news to the Rusher’s “Breaking News” Interest (signified by the lightning bolt).

Q: Why would you Rush news to Followers when an Interest has no followers?
A: To build up a resume of curations that other Rushers could review when checking out your profile - and then possibly choose to follow that Interest.

Q: What if I am getting too much news from an Interest I am following?
A: Stop following that Rusher’s Interest. We suggest periodically reviewing the profile of other Rushers to see which Interests are most appropriate to follow. In News Rush, you can adjust online relationships vs. terminating them.

Q: What if I am getting too much unsolicited news in a particular Interest?
A: Increase your bounty for that Interest (in Interest settings). That will make it more expensive for others to send news to your Interest.

Q: What is a bounty?
A: The price (in News Rush points) it will cost another Rusher to send news to your Interest.

Rating News

Q: What do stars mean?
A: Rushers rate news based on the quality of the presentation, not on our opinions about the news. Low quality news is full of bias and is poorly presented while high quality news is objective and well presented. Simplified: 1 star = bad; 2 stars = not good; 3 stars = fine; 4 stars = good; 5 stars = excellent (Most major news outlets consistently turn out 3-star work.)

Q: When would I flag news as Fake?
A: When you KNOW the news is untrue. Fake news is not something you simply disagree with. Rushers read other points of view to grow their knowledge. That’s a good thing.

Q: Why does News Rush limit the number of news pieces that can be marked as Fake in a day?
A: We only want Rushers to flag news as Fake as a last resort. If the news MIGHT be true but is very poorly presented, then just give it a 1-star rating and move on. By doing that, others will see a lower star rating on the news – and fewer Rushers will waste time (like you did). In this simple way, you are helping others.


Q: How do I earn points?
A: Every time you read news, you earn 10 points. When you rate news, you earn 5 points. When you delete news from an Interest in your Newsroom, you earn 1 point. When you recruit a new Rusher, you earn 1,000 points. You can earn an unlimited number of point by Rushing (sharing) news to your followers.

Q: Why do I want to earn points?
A: You might want to interact with someone who sets a high bounty. Or, you might want to donate points (that convert into real dollars) to your favorite charity. Lastly, by earning points, you can be discovered as the expert you are in your Interest area.

Rush Club

Q: What is the Rush Club?
A: The premium service on News Rush. Members of the Rush Club can contribute content, create up to 20 Interests, and enjoy several other privileges.